James Smith

James Smith

Visual artist in three dimensions.

Sculptor James Cameron Smith lives near Madoc, Ontario and is married with two adult children. He was educated in Toronto, Ontario receiving his B. A. from York University and his Associate diploma from the Ontario College of Art.

He is the coauthor of two books: “Accentuate the Positive, Creative Arts for Children with Disabilities” Addison Wesley Publishing, Toronto, 1988 and “Createability, Creative Arts for Preschool Children with Disabilities”, Communication Skill Builders Phoenix Arizona 1992.

James has specialized in public sculpture since 1984. In association with artists at Campbell Monument Company in Belleville, Ontario, their large scale outdoor sculpture commissions have been recognized with numerous awards and in 2006 Mr. Smith was inducted as a Fellow Of The American Institute of Commemorative Art.

Recent public art commissions in municipalities across Canada continue to flow out of James’ Madoc studios. His works installed in these public spaces have received substantial recognition throughout North America.

Artist’s Statement

Art becomes Art, conveying the pulse of truth by distilling its essence.

My figurative and abstract works explore visual narratives in three dimensional space. I alter materials in a variety of media to create compelling and significant stories of space, light and form which engage the flux of cultures and the inevitabilities of duration.

Ever in obeisance and homage to nature, my conversations with materials, celebrate the play of imagination and express the instantaneous, visceral, and sometimes primitive experience of sensation.

The products of creative collisions are positioned on the border between improvisation and refined, crafted intent. Expressing the geometries of organically complex planes and surfaces, I push materiality to the foreground to feature the wealth of possibilities inherent in the poetics of surface and form.