Jenny Pries / Studio on the Farm

Jenny Pries / Studio on the Farm

Fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer and fibre artist.

A fine artist, designer, illustrator and studio art teacher who also happens to be a farmer. I graduated from Sheridan College in 2000 for Interdisciplinary Arts, where I studied Illustration, Graphic Design and some additional film studies and screenwriting classes. I was the very grateful recipient in 2020 of the Quinte Arts Council Arts Recognition Award for New and Emerging Artist. Both the farm and studio have been nominees for Quinte Business Achievement Awards. I love what I do as an artist and entrepreneur. I’ve been selling fine art for over 30 years and have worked in freelance illustration and design for over 20 years.

My fine art is inspired by the absolute wonder that is life. The stories of people. Their bravery and courage. The magic of nature and the way it leaves us breathless by its beauty and vastness. Animals, people and landscapes are my preferred subject matter. I enjoy acrylic paint and pastel, but I am genuinely a multidisciplinary artist and can work in many different mediums. I am passionate about many things and could never limit myself to one media.

Currently, I am working on a year of virtual painting classes to be offered through Studio on the Farm. More details with be posted soon! They are classes for all levels of skill and experience and will be a great chance to connect with other art lovers and creators! I love bringing people together through the experience of art. It is my greatest joy.

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Tori Amos Portrait in Pastel
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Stand With Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine Hoodie
Illustrated Sunflower Scarf
Sunflower Decal
Collage of Various Artwork
Collage of crochet work
Holiday Sign Workshop at Stirling Elementary
Sign-Making Workshop 2019
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