Lola Reid Allin


Lola Reid Allin

I admit it. I’m addicted to SLOW TRAVEL. Since 1993, I’ve done multi-day camel safaris in Tanzania & Morocco and earned my Dog Mushers Certificate (Yukon). I’ve travelled through 60+ countries and trekked in Spain, Peru (Inca Trail, 42 km), Chile (Patagonia), Canada (Akshayuk Pass, Baffin Island), and with Guatemalan locals to El Mirador (128 km) and H’mong locals in North Vietnam.

I’ve summited the world’s tallest freestanding mountain (Kilimanjaro) and North Africa’s tallest mountain (Morocco).

I’ve enjoyed careers above earth as a pilot (6000 hours) and below earth as a scuba Dive Master (500 dives). To share my adventures and photographs and to encourage other photographers to share their lives, I created the ARMCHAIR TRAVELER TRAVELOGUE Series in 2017.


In Mexico: Lecture with slide presentations include The Undersea World, Living with the Modern Maya, Let’s Go to Maya Archaeological Sites (1993-1996)

In Canada: Lecture with PowerPoint presentations include  Living with the Modern Maya, Mayan Archaeology, Trek to the Snows of Kilimanjaro and Beyond, Baffin Island: Trek the Akshayuk Pass, Morocco: Sea, Sand, and Summit, Chile: Top to Bottom, Women in Aviation, and Vietnam: the Dragon Reunified.

I have spoken to all ages via internet and live at libraries, galleries, schools, and hotels and presented to the general public, photography clubs, students, 99s, and Air Cadets. I am a speaker with the Northern Lights Aero Foundation, Eastern Ontario 99s Education and Outreach Committee, and Women’s Travel Network.

PUBLICATIONS (Photographs and Articles)

In print and online—National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Rotarian, The Smithsonian, National Geographic, Photographers without Borders, and Skies Magazine (5-part series, Women in Aviation).

AFFILIATIONS: 99s, Women in Aviation, Northern Lights Aero Foundation, Quinte Arts Council, Belleville Art Association, Women’s Travel Network.

2021       SPARK Annual Juried Photo Exhibition, Peterborough, Ontario

2020       Gotham Writers #GWStoriesEverywhere Contest Winner (November)
Pilot Alumni of Distinction Award, Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

2020        The Rotarian Magazine Annual Photography Contest, Honorable Mention
2020        Belleville Art Association Annual Juried Art Show, Award for Creative Excellence

2019       Photographers without Borders International Magazine Contest, 2nd Place

2019       SPARK, 2nd Place

2018       Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville, Ontario Biennial Exhibition, Honorable Mention

2018        SPARK 3rd Place

2017       SPARK 3rd Place

2017       Santa Fe Centre for Photography “Summer vacation” Contest, Honorable Mention

Featured Works
Abdou Glauoui Palace
Camel safari
Storm clouds over ABH
Sahara safari
View south to Summit Lake, Baffin Island
6 AM Glacier Lake
Life Under the Watchful Eye of Hem
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