Rednersville Road Art Tour


Rednersville Road Art Tour

Prince Edward County September 2, 3, 4, 2023

10am – 5pm  •  Labour Day Weekend

Twenty-four artists and artisans invite you to view their creations during the 14th annual Rednersville Road Art Tour in Prince Edward County. From abstracts to realistic paintings, from ceramics to glassblowing, to a wide range of visual art, there is something unique and interesting for everyone.

The Rednersville Road Art Tour is located in Prince Edward County. Artists have opened their homes and studios for this special weekend and invite you to view their work, share their enthusiasm and purchase that unique treasure.

All the work presented for sale is original and represents a variety of styles, media and prices. You can start your studio tour at any point along the road and you will be delighted by the artistic talent and creativity you experience.

Featured Works
Artist: Patty Djan
Artist: Gudrun Gallo
Artist: Ilona Mayor
Artist:Tina Osborne
Artist: Esther Grav
Artist: Florence Chick Lau
Artist: Brigitte Rittinger
Artist: Dona Knudsen
Artist: Iris Casey
Artist: Susan Moshynski
Artist: Lyne Lusk
Artist: Cindy Conlin