Sarah Taylor-Malo


Sarah Taylor-Malo

I grew up in Belleville, ON and I published my first book, a memoir called Growing Pains, in 2023.

I have had a lifelong passion for writing and have always wanted to write my own book. After working on it for several years, I published my memoir in the fall of 2023. Here is a description of my book:
Have you ever looked at your life one day and thought, “How did I get here?” Maybe you don’t recognize yourself or the life you’re living. You thought by this age or this time you’d be somewhere else. But here you are, and you have so many questions. For me, that time was during the end of my twenties when I was quickly approaching thirty and incessantly criticizing my life. I was swept up by a plaguing anxiety disorder, terrified of what would come of the immigration process I was going through with the love of my life, and unsure of a direction for myself. I had hit the high notes earlier on in my twenties, and then came what I thought of as a steady decline. I was lost and confused by all the checks I hadn’t been able to scratch off the list of expectations I was so stuck on. But eventually, after years of torturing myself and going through a lot of growing pains, I started picking up the pieces of my life that had fallen apart and I was able to find and own myself.

Featured Works
Growing Pains: A story about the ups and downs of: life, love, anxiety, expectations, and self-acceptance.