Sarah Winn


Sarah Winn

My art is my life.

I have been doing art ever since I was a child. It was a way to express myself and be creative in a very special way. When I was young I learned the basics that would later grow and expand as the years past.

As I got older I began to realize it was a passion that grew everyday. This brought me to attending graphic design at St. Lawrence College. Later I would continue my art by making designs for rock bands and paintings for various people.

A little later in Belize paint projects for businesses that needed a unique sign to attract clients to their establishments. I was also creating other works of art in many other medias, including calabash, pieces of wood and old sails.

I continued on with my passion.

Still painting and creating in my own style. I have created many things from mosaic glass projects and recently working with paper mache. I have painted more canvasses than I can count.

I am painting and creating even at this moment. I have projects on the go. I also do not plan on ever giving up my passion.  My art is my life.