Sol Boden


Sol Boden

Illustrator, Photographer-Surveyist

The Belleville, Ontario Geomatic Surveying Commission

Sol is an artist and photographer-surveyist for the Belleville, Ontario Geomatic Surveying Commission. Sol captures images from sites surveyed by the Commission, it is an integral element in the work done by the commission.

Sol accompanies theodolite operators, groundsmen, levellers, engineers and the like to capture images, hopefully of some interest, from the surveys. If their camera fails, they illustrate to the best of their ability.

The Commission utilizes a “chronovisor” which enables surveyists to record, measure and disambiguate the finer details of the city in the 4th dimension – Time.

“The Commission has for the first time allowed its findings to be made public. Here you can see imaged glimpses of Belleville – the primordial past, the luminous future, the smoke-choked end – all alive. These surveys are hopefully of some interest to you. We have made them public because we know that you, as we, love our city.” – Best, Sol

“No one can give yourself to you. You need to take yourself from everything else.”

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