Nicole Burley

Beauty in the abandoned

Prince Edward County

Nicole Burley

Nicole Burley is a photographer and illustrator who finds her inspiration seeking beauty and curiosity in the forgotten. Her hauntingly beautiful portraits of conceivably abandoned places encourages viewers to explore their curiosity and intangibly feel her images.

Nicole became fascinated with deserted buildings in 2019 when she purchased her first DSLR camera and lens and photographed a landscape of a collapsing barn in an overgrown field in Hastings County.

When Nicole isn’t photographing the forgotten or experimenting in dark art, you can still find her behind the lens sharing space with wildlife, insects and flowers. Her love and appreciation for the arts began at a very young age with the influence of her grandmother and aunt who are both painters. Nicole and her family have proudly called the Quinte area their home for 4 generations. 


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