Photo: Christopher Gentile

Fall Scenes of Quinte Show 2022

Displayed works include sculptures, paintings, photography, lanterns, and multi-media pieces.

All proceeds from the “Fall Scenes of Quinte” Gallery Show and Art Sale will go directly to the Artist and the QAC Artist in Schools bursary program, supporting Arts Education in the Quinte Region.

Preview the show below.

West Zwick’s Pavilion
West Zwick’s PavilionBy David AlexanderOil on Canvas, 30x40, $1200
Begonia Leaf
Begonia LeafBy David AlexanderOil on Canvas, 11x14, $300
FlareBy David Alexander Mixed Media Assemblage and Acrylic, 8x10, $200
EternalBy Tom Ashbourne, SSC SCA OSAPeach alabaster, marble base, $3,500
CalicoBy Tom Ashbourne, SSC SCA OSARed wonderstone, granite base, $4,050
Summer Dream
Summer DreamBy Tom Ashbourne, SSC SCA OSAJet soapstone, marble base, $1,285
Algae On The Bay
Algae On The BayBy Peter BatesOil, 24x36, $800
Last Light
Last LightBy Judy ClarkAcrylic, 24x30, $475
One with nature
One with natureBy Judy ClarkOil & Cold Wax, 36x36, $620
Dappled light through Frankford trees
Dappled light through Frankford treesBy Kelli DiosiAcrylic on board, $100 each
Spring Brook
Spring BrookBy Daniel FobertOil on Canvas, 28x22, $850
Big Brook at Triple Falls Nfld.
Big Brook at Triple Falls Nfld.By Daniel FobertOil on Canvas, 18x24, $800
Salmon Point Lighthouse
Salmon Point LighthouseBy Sabrina JovicMixed media, 12x12, $75
Sunrise on the bay
Sunrise on the bayBy Lorraine MackieSoft pastels, 12x18, $220
Sunset at the Lagoon
Sunset at the LagoonBy Lorraine MackieSoft pastels, 12x16, $200
County Road 49
County Road 49By Lorraine MackieSoft pastels, 7x9, $140
Autumn Mood
Autumn MoodBy Sandra Lee RandlePhotograph on Pearl Metallic Paper, 15x19, $175
Birch Among the Maples
Birch Among the MaplesBy Sandra Lee RandlePhotograph on Pearl Metallic Paper, 12x20, $175
Golden Basswood
Golden BasswoodBy Sandra Lee RandlePhotograph on Pearl Metallic Paper, 14x20, $175
Red maples, green grass, Soccer Pitch
Red maples, green grass, Soccer PitchBy Lola Reid AllinPirate Ship Park, Belleville, Photography, $175
Self-portrait: Red leaves, ruby slippers
Self-portrait: Red leaves, ruby slippersBy Lola Reid AllinEast Hill Park, Belleville, Photography, $175
WingsBy Joanne RichLantern, branches and handmade paper, $500
Our Gardens
Our GardensBy Joanne RichLantern, branches and handmade paper, $200
SerenityBy Helen van PoortenAcrylic, 15x30, $850
Who are you?
Who are you?By Helen van PoortenAcrylic, 16x12, $385
Morning Mist Rising
Morning Mist RisingBy Helen van PoortenSoft pastel, 11x15, plus mat and frame, $400
Birch Stand
Birch StandBy William Murdock RichardsOil on Canvas, 24x30, $600

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