Rene Fisher

Bay of Quinte Artist

Rene Fisher

Rene Fisher has a love of photography that has taken her around the world. Fisher went to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia to pursue her passion and her parents bought her a DSLR camera as a graduation gift. A school sponsored trip to Europe inspired her to capture the beauty of the world. She moved to Belleville in 2015. Following a trip to Greece and Italy for her honeymoon Fisher pursued her love of photography. 

“The greatest joy of photography is exploring and sharing. However, my exploration isn’t limited to physical locations and subjects, and my favorite way to explore is to experiment with various elements and principles of design through editing. For me, the image my camera produces is just a starting point to achieve a final image that imitates a painting in its color, balance, and contrast, but still retains the detail and appearance of a photograph.”


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