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Sarah Palmer Showcases a Different Kind of Love

Cultivating Creativity

Kodie Trahan-Guay

Sarah Palmer Showcases a Different Kind of Love
The Quinte region is full of incredibly talented artists who express themselves through many mediums and artistic styles. The QAC is lucky to count a new Bellevillian, Sarah Palmer, among their membership. Palmer paints using the German Expressionism style to create characters and imagery that invoke a story in the viewer’s mind.

“My paintings tell a story, I’m a figurative painter. I introduce characters in my paintings and use icons and situations that tell a story of the relationship between my characters,” says Palmer. “You may see a different story but there is always a story.”

A Different Kind of Love: The Art of Sarah Palmer features works about relationships. Palmer wants people to think about love and how it’s different for every person.

“My show is about different kinds of relationships. My art challenges people to question what goes on in relationships. It’s not always obvious,” says Palmer. “My objective is to give people a different perspective of what love is.”

German Expressionism is an art style that developed in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s that reflected the conflicting emotions of the time. The pieces are meant to challenge the viewer. German Expressionism can be seen in media today including the works of Tim Burton which features the characteristic grotesque characters, disorienting angles and expressive eyes that define the art form. These characteristics are present in Palmer’s work.

“German Expressionism is art that creates mood and emotions by using exaggerated characters with big hands, grotesque faces and expressive eyes,” says Palmer. “Many of my paintings are melancholic but others are humorous and sardonic. The overall balance and bright colours of my work can ultimately convey a sense of optimism.”

For Palmer painting was in her blood. Her father, a surgeon, painted as a hobby. She has been creating since she was a child and while working a full time job still painted every day.

“Art can be very exciting and can become a passion in your life. The process of making your art is more important to your soul than selling your art,” says Palmer. “Coming up with ideas and developing your style is very challenging. You have to work on your art on a consistent and regular basis.”

The “gallery district” in downtown Belleville has been a hidden gem for years and is now being recognized as the destination for art in Belleville. The Arts Walk, which usually takes place the first Thursday each month is a fun way for people to experience the galleries in person.

“The QAC Gallery is a wonderful little gallery in downtown Belleville. Even when the gallery is closed you can look through the windows to see the art displays,” says Palmer. “Downtown Belleville is developing a reputation for supporting the arts with its many galleries.”

A Different Kind of Love: The Art of Sarah Palmer is on display at the QAC Gallery, 36 Bridge St East, until September 29th. Opening night with an opportunity to meet the artist will take place September 7th from 4-6 p.m.

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