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Sean Scally


Sean Scally

Sean Scally is a filmmaker and photographer. He has quickly become one of the best known documentary filmmakers in the Quinte region. He has won the Best Local Film Award at Belleville Downtown DocFest twice, and his films are always among DocFest audience favourites.

Sean has a unique gift for telling local historical stories in a compelling and accessible way. His films take obscure stories from dusty historical bookshelves and breathe new life into them. Sean is driven by a passion for his art form. He loves what he does.

His photography focuses on action shots including triathlons and the firefighter games. 

His film Icarus Falls tells the story of what goes through a pilot’s mind as he falls from the sky. Ironmasters of Upper Canada, Scally’s latest documentary, tells the story of Charles Hayes epic battle to create and maintain Marmora’s Iron Works in the early 1800’s. The audience is taken on a 200 year journey through Marmora’s history from a sparsely populated colony to the charming town it is today.

To see more of Sean’s work check out his Youtube channel: or website 

Sources for images: Sean Scally’s Quinte Arts Council member profile and Facebook page. 

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