Spring 2024

Students at the QAC

QAC Team

Students at the QAC

Mentoring students at the Quinte Arts Council plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of artists and creatives. By providing opportunities, guidance, and support, mentors not only impart valuable skills and knowledge but also instill confidence and a sense of belonging in young artists.

Moreover, mentoring fosters a sense of community, creating opportunities for collaboration, networking, and skill-sharing among students and established artists alike. This sense of community is essential for fostering creativity, innovation, and personal growth in aspiring artists, as they learn from the experiences and perspectives of their mentors and peers.

Ultimately, mentoring students at the QAC not only enriches the lives of individual students but also contributes to the vibrancy and diversity of the local arts scene, ensuring its vitality and relevance for generations to come.

Moyosore “Moyo” Adeyinka (he/him) is a talented Nigerian visual artist with apraxia of speech. He expresses his passion through portraits and other visual works of Arts. He works continuously to explore opportunities to advance his skills. Moyo is currently enrolled in the CICE program at Loyalist College in Belleville and has recently joined the QAC team as a student intern.

Tara Geall (She/Her) is a talented young actress, who is currently enrolled in the Arts Program at Centennial Secondary School. She is a CO-OP Student, completing her placement with the Quinte Arts Council. Throughout high school, she has dedicated herself to artistic pursuits, including theatre participating in a few productions such as “16 in Ten Minutes or Less” and soon “Annie Jr.” 

Mary Mejias is a visual artist embarking on an exciting career transition to graphic design. With a profound passion for art, she eagerly anticipates blending her accumulated skills as a visual artist to produce captivating designs as a freelance designer. Presently enrolled at Centennial College, Mary has taken a significant step by joining the Quinte Arts Council team as an intern, aiming to enrich her knowledge and experience in the world of art and graphic design.

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