Spring 2024

The QAC is out on the town!

Kodie Trahan-Guay

The QAC is out on the town!

Join in on the adventures of the QAC Team as they travel around the Quinte area, spreading joy and discovery with their Field Trip Friday series! It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of hunting for gold, they’re on the lookout for the best arts, culture and heritage experiences our area has to offer.

Have you ever played “Where’s Waldo”? Well, imagine playing “Where is the QAC Team?” as they explore the vibrant downtown Arts District. All within walking distance, stroll through the captivating exhibitions at the John M. Parrott Gallery to the charming showcases at Gallery 121, the Belleville Art Association and don’t forget to stop into the QAC’s very own gallery and cultural hub!

The adventure begins by grabbing a treat at a local spot like Tropical Blends, Sweet Retreat Bakery, and the mouthwatering delights of The Cookie Jar. Then they set out to discover the arts, and spread the word.

You are invited to wander through the downtown core, uncovering hidden gems like Borestski Gallery, Tinkered Decor and Bazar Artisan market, where vintage styles and locally made treasures created by artists can be found. 

Their explorations even take them back in time to the Glanmore Museum and National Historic Site, where history comes alive with each step. Taking advantage of their corporate membership, the team has experienced some pretty incredible Glanmore members only events – add link to membership). They travelled to the Quinte Museum of Natural History in Quinte West to Discover the Story of Whales, see some dinosaurs and hear about the partnership with RCI Studios. And who could forget the unforgettable wedding of local comedian Kyle Woolven to The City of Belleville at the stunning Venue 1906?

But the best part? You can join in on the fun! The QAC Team is opening their adventures to local business owners, councillors, and notable Quinte region folks. Want to be part of #FieldTripFridays? Want to be one of their stopping points? Just shoot them an email and get ready for an adventure discovering the many arts, culture and heritage offerings this community has in store for you!

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