Summer 2022

Sean Ferguson

Photography, Prince Edward County

Sean Ferguson

Photography has always been something that interests me. The emotions that pictures elicit for me has always been just as interesting as the photo itself.

I picked up a camera in my mid 20s for the first time and dabbled in it until my late 30s when my interest in photography really took off.  In 2019 I started working with the Shatterbox Theatre group which nurture my interest in taking a picture that tells a story: “capturing the decisive moment.”

Every picture I take says something, something about me, something about you, something about society. My last show “Surviving Progress” was strictly about the housing and rental crisis in P.E.C.

My current preference is to shoot analog film photography. I don’t care for pixel-perfect images, I prefer grain, lens flare, and the unpredictability of development. In a world of convenience and instant gratification there is something special about that process for me.

Focusing on documentary/street photography at first, I’ve slowly moved towards art photography and believe my work now lands somewhere in the middle of those aesthetic styles.  Contrast, hard shadows, negative space, emotion and the feeling of isolation has remained the constant in my work.

James Natcheway, Anton Corbijn, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Saul Leiter. Each of these individual photographers inspire elements in my work. 

As the world begins to open up I’m looking forward to showing more of my work.  I want my images to tell a story, or convey a mood, I want somebody to look at my image and feel what I felt when I took the picture.

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