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Umbrella is the Quinte Arts Council’s arts newspaper – 4 issues each year. Each issue features a three-month calendar of events (including art shows, concerts, theatre, films, heritage and literary events, calls for entry and workshops) as well as a number of articles featuring local artists, major art events, the council’s member group activities, cultural activities, and information pertinent to the community in general as well as artists in the area. Each issue highlights the performing arts, film, visual arts, heritage, literary arts and arts in education.

Receiving Umbrella by mail is one of the benefits of membership with the QAC. For only $40 per year, you can become a Community Friend and help off-set the cost of publishing and circulating Umbrella in the greater Quinte region. Another benefit of membership is free listings in the three-month calendar of events. Articles, spotlights and event listings are also free of charge.

Advertising in Umbrella.

The Deadline to submit articles, events, calendar items, spotlights, and to book ad space is 6 weeks before publication. The Spring issue is published March 1, Summer issue is June 1, Fall issue is September 1 and Winter issue is December 1.

Umbrella: December/January/February

Current Issue – All the latest Arts and Culture news and goings on in the Quinte region! Cover: Long Range Hustle, Articles include: J.F. Albert exhibit, Three by Larra M at artists and artisans gallery, and more!

Winter 2016-17 Umbrella (Dec. Jan. Feb)

Events and news about the arts and culture in the Quinte region.

Spring 2017

Arts and Culture in Quinte. This Umbrella covers the arts in March, April and May. Includes The Summer of '67, a new musical... Belleville Downtown Docfest, including local films... visual art shows, concerts, theatre, poetry, new books, heritage, arts education, etc.....

Summer 2017

Concerts, theatre, festivals, outdoor events, visual art shows, new books to read, historical bus trips, film production, comedy, jazz, classical, dance, etc.....

Fall 2017 pages 1 to 22

The Fall 2017 issue is a biggie - we had to break it up into 2 sections! 50 years ago, in September of 1967, the QAC was formed. This 50th anniversary issue is chock full of artistic activity in the present and a look back at the early years.