Umbrella Arts Magazine


Published four times a year, Umbrella offers the best editorial and information about arts and culture in the Quinte region. Since 1991, readers have come to rely on Umbrella for articles and news about emerging and established artists working in the performing, visual and literary arts.  Each issue includes our calendar that shares details about upcoming performances, shows, workshops/classes, and opportunities. We also highlight news and information about arts education and activities in the schools.

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Guidelines for pitching to Umbrella

Umbrella welcomes pitches for consideration in the following sections: photography, literary, film, music, theatre and fine art. In approximately 100 words, tell us your idea for the article explaining: what is the article about, who will be interviewed, why is it timely/relevant/of interest to the Quinte arts community and who will write the article.

Email us at with the subject line: Pitch for Umbrella Magazine.

Please note: We will consider articles “on spec” (written in full before agreeing to an assignment) but only in select cases.

The following criteria will be used to select which pitches are assigned:

  • What is the story? (The article needs to be more than information sharing.)
  • Does the author of the article have writing experience? Do they understand story telling/narrative arcs? (If you need help with this, please ask us in your pitch about connecting with a QAC member writer.)
  • Has the subject already been featured in the previous issue of Umbrella? (With almost 500 QAC members, we want to ensure equal opportunity for inclusion.) Has the submission been previously published elsewhere? (Also: no press releases.)
  • Are there exceptional, eye-catching, high resolution (1MB+) photos? (At least three, please.)
  • Does it highlight a local artist/artist group?
  • Can the story be told in an article 500 words or less?
  • Is it about a time-sensitive event? If so please submit your event to our online events directory and/or contact us about featuring the article in our weekly Cultivating Creativity column in the Belleville Intelligencer.
  • Is it a news announcement about something that’s happened? If so please submit your news to us for spotlight in our monthly Umbrella e-News.

The Quinte Arts Council is committed to practices that support and promote diversity and inclusion in our communications and publishing, including gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability and career stage. We aim to foster equity, diversity and inclusion, in both the commissioning of articles and in publication. In addition to our standard Style Guide, we are currently developing a language sensitivity and awareness guide, to serve as a resource when writing about gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race and/or disability, as well as a photography/illustration guide to consider diverse representation in our pages.

Our vision with Umbrella is to celebrate the work of a diverse cross-section of artists and arts organizations, across all disciplines, in each issue and throughout the year.

Please note: Pitches that are not assigned in the print edition of the Umbrella will be considered for the QAC blog, Umbrella e-News or in the QAC’s weekly Cultivating Creativity column in the Belleville Intelligencer.

Umbrella assumes no responsibility for unsolicited materials. Umbrella reserves the right to edit, crop and editorialize all submissions. Members are given priority. Please do not submit previously published work.

Receiving Umbrella by mail is one of the many benefits of membership with the QAC. For only $50 per year, you can become a Community Friend, or for $60 become an Artist or Group member.

2021 Deadlines

Spring: January 22  / Publication date: March 1
Summer: April 23 / Publication date: June 1
Fall: July 16 / Publication date: September 1
Winter: October 22 / Publication date: December 1